Bath Salt Blends

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Herbal baths are one of my favorite forms of medicine. I regularly take baths. They help me relax, ease any sore muscles, care for any bruises, cuts, or rashes on my body. 

I have two blends of Bath Salt Blends, the Spring Bath Blend and the Blissful Bath Blend. The Spring Bath Blend is a mix of Homegrown Lemongrass & Spring Flowers: Celosias, Moringa Flowers, and Wildcrafted Bay Rum leaf, Blue Porterweed leaf, & Sweet Almond Verbena leaf & flower and Sea Salt. I'm really excited about this one, as it encompasses my love for local Florida plants! 

The Blissful Bath Blend is a mix of Homegrown Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, & Calendula and Rose, gifted to me from my Herbal teacher Maggie O'Halloran in Orlando, FL, and Sea Salt. This bath blend smells divine and is a really nice way to treat your skin and self. 

I love to start a bath and then place a handful or big spoonful of the Bath Salt Blend into the bathtub while it fills, that way the herbs have time to soak in the hot water before I soak myself! 

Each Bath Blend sold in a 8oz glass jar made in the USA.