Green Mountain Salt Scrub

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Salt Scrubs are one of my favorite ways to revitalize my skin and to get rid of dead skin. To balance out the power of the homemade sea salt, I added a Elder Leaf infused Olive oil, which leaves skin feeling cleansed but also nourished, like you would feel after a self body oil massage. For a really powerful lymphatic cleanse, I also added powdered Soursop Leaves, Lippia Alba Leaves & Elder Leaves. 

Ingredients: Homemade Sea Salt, Powdered Soursop Leaves (Annona Muricata), Lippia Alba Leaves (Lippia Alba), Elder Leaves (Sambucus Nigra), & Elder leaf (Sambucus Nigra) infused in Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

All plant ingredients naturally homegrown or ethically wildcrafted.

4 ounce size made in the USA glass jars. 

Instructions for use: Use by the spoonful to scrub onto your body. Really massage it into the skin, I like to lather in on in circles starting at my toes and fingertips and ending up at my heart center. Leave it on as long as you'd like.