Green Skin Scrub

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Inspired from a Soursop Skin Scrub that was a part of Mother Earth Miami's Summer Share on 2018, there's nothing better than a herbal infused skin scrub to take away dead skin and revitalize our spirits. Made from fresh ground Mountain Soursop Leaves harvested from a friend''s farm in Davie, FL and Elder Leaf infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil, fresh ground homegrown Elderflowers and homemade Sea Salt made from sea water harvested in Sebastian, FL. This scrub is the ultimate skin rejuvenation. 

Ingredients: Mountain Soursop (Annona Montana), Elder Leaves (Sambucus Nigra) & Elderflowers (Sambucus Nigras), Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Homemade Sea Salt.

All plant ingredients naturally homegrown or ethically wildcrafted. 

Sold in 2oz glass jars made in the USA

Instructions: Take small dollop and scrub in circular motions along skin. I'd avoid cuts or wounds as the sea salt may sting sensitive areas. Let soak into skin as long as you'd like. I love to scrub my skin, soak up some sunshine for a bit and then rinse off. I'd also recommend using outdoors, as to not mess up your home space, and then wash off in the ocean, an outdoor shower, or a beautiful summer rainstorm.