Herbal Tinctures

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Herbal Tinctures are infusions of plant matter in alcohol, which creates a shelf stable powerful herbal medicine. Tinctures can last for years as long as you store them away from light and heat, so don't leave them laying in your car! 

I have three different Herbal Tinctures ready at the moment. I take all three daily for different reasons. 

Spanish Needle Tincture 

This Tincture is a blend of Wildcrafted Spanish Needle, Organic Grain Alcohol, Spanish Needle Tisane, Raw Local Honey. I made this tincture into an Elixir by blending in Honey because of the strength of alcohol. I think herbal medicine should be palatable and even more so delicious! I take this tincture daily in the beginning of the day to boost my immunity. This is also my go to tincture anytime I have a virus, whether that means a cold or flu, a lung infection, a UTI, you name it. You can dilute the tincture by squirting a dropperful into a cup of tea or water or you can take the dropper sublingually. 

Winter Bitters 

A blend of Homegrown Dandelion Leaf & Root, Fennel Root, Bitter Melon Leaf, Mexican Mint Marigold Leaf, & Bay Leaf in Organic Cane Alcohol and Purified Water. I'm obsessed with Bitters and could talk about them forever! Bitters stimulate our livers and gallbladders to produce bile which helps to digest food. Our digestion affects so many other systems in our body, our mental state, our nervous system, our emotional state. I take a half dropperful 15 to 20 minutes before I plan to eat. This tincture comes in my basket everywhere I go, because I always hope to eat! 

Brain Health Tincture 

A blend of Homegrown Mountain Mint, Garden Sage, Rosemary, Bacopa Monnieri, Ginkgo Biloba, Gotu Kola, & Lavender in Organic Cane Alcohol and Purified Water. This recipe was inspired by Rosemary Gladstar's Brain Tonic Tincture but I tweaked it using what I had in my garden. I take this tincture every day and really feel it has helped me with my memory recall and cognitive function. You must use this daily as a tonic for at least 6 to 8 weeks to feel the efficacy of the medicine. I'd recommend a 1/2 dropperful each day sublingually.