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Hydrosols are the distilled water vapor from simmering plant matter and is the first step to capturing the essential oils of a plant. Hydrosols are one of my favorite herbal medicines to create and use, you are able to spritz yourself not only with the aroma of the plant but the spiritual essence too! I use them all the time, after washing my face, to detangle my hair, to cool myself down after gardening, to clear my energy after a stressful or emotional encounter, the list can go on and on. 

I have three different hydrosols available right now and each has it's own essence energetically and physically. I blend all the hydrosols with organic Witch Hazel to help keep them shelf stable and it doubly works as a great face toner. 


The Lemongrass is grown by me in my garden in Boca Raton, FL. I use the Lemongrass hydrosol to brighten my day. This is my go to hydrosol. 

Pine & Rosemary

The Pine is Florida Longleaf Pine, wildcrafted from a Bear Necessities Farm in Ocklawaha, FL. The Rosemary is grown by me in my garden in Boca Raton, FL. I use the Pine & Rosemary hydrosol to ground myself. It really helps to connect me back to the earth. 

Rose Geranium  

The Rose Geranium was gifted to me by the ladies of Little River Cooperative and was grown at the Little River Coop Nursery Garden in Allapattah, Miami. I use the Geranium hydrosol to sweeten up my life, the floral fragrance is divine!