Tropical Syrups

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One of my favorite medicines to create are Herbal Syrups, which are a blend of a strong herbal decoction and raw honey. A herbal decoction is what you get when you simmer plant material for 20mins to an hour. I use Raw Honey from a neighbor in Boca Raton. I often see bees pollinating my flowers and fruit trees and know they are most likely coming from Andrea's hive's which are only .5 miles away. 

Once made the Syrups are best refrigerated for the longest possible shelf life. When you get these in the mail, put them straight into your refrigerator and they should keep up to 3 months. These don't stay that long in my house though. I drink a teaspoon a day for an overall immune boost. 

The Herbal Syrups I have made are my take on this form of medicine Tropical style. 

Pine & Reishi Cough Syrup 

The Longleaf Pine Needles are wildcrafted from Bear Necessities farm in Ocklawaha, FL, the Reishi Mushrooms are grown by me in grow bags from South Florida Fungi, and homegrown Mulberry Leaf & Bark, Cuban Oregano, Rosemary, and Thyme and Raw Local Honey. I use this syrup to ease any congestion. It's great for any and all mucous membranes in the body. I drink a teaspoon of this everyday to boost my immunity but I would drink a teaspoon every two hours if I had a really wet cough I was trying to get rid of. 

Tropical Elder Syrup 

This Syrup is a blend of homegrown Elderberries, Lox Farms organically and locally grown Turmeric and Ginger, and homegrown  Lemongrass, Mulberry Leaf, and Habanero Pepper and Raw Local Honey. I love this take on a classic herbal medicine. The tropical blend of Elderberries, Ginger, & Turmeric is an amazing immune boost. This syrup packs a little more punch than the classic Elder Syrups because of my inclusion of Habanero Pepper. I drink a teaspoon of this daily to boost my immunity. If I had a virus, cold or flu, I would drink a teaspoon every two hours. 

Breathe Deep Lung Syrup

This Syrup is a blend of homegrown Mullein, Garden Sage, and Cuban Oregano and Raw Local Honey. I recently experience a painful Lung Virus called Farmer's Lung. Farmer's Lung happens when you breathe in mold when spreading mulch or hay, as farmer's and gardener's tend to do. I created this Breathe Deep Lung Syrup to help my lungs recover and give them some extra assistance! I took a teaspoon every two hours during the virus infection. I now take a teaspoon every day to support my Lung health. 

You can also use these Syrups to make herbal mocktails by adding a teaspoon to seltzer water or you can make a yummy salad dressing blending the syrup with oil and vinegar. The possibilities are endless!