Green Aioli

Greetings Y'all!

Last Saturday I taught all about Hibiscus Sabdarifffa and I made a delicious aioli for the class to enjoy. I got such good feedback about the aioli that I went home & made another batch this time measuring everything so I could create a recipe. This recipe makes a fairly large batch, enough for a party of 8. 

Without further ado here goes!

Green Aioli 

2 heads of garlic 

1/2 cup Cuban Oregano

3 Sugar Rush Peppers (these have a slight heat, could substitute one hotter pepper like a chili or lemon drop) 

1 cup Garlic Chives

4 cups Hibiscus Sabdarifffa leaves (stems removed)

1 Tablespoon Salt

3/4th cup Olive Oil, extra to drizzle on top to serve / preserve 

Instructions are pretty basic, chop everything as finely as you'd like. I don't get too crazy about chopping as I love the chunky consistency of the finished product. Chop the garlic first and let it sit while you chop the greens. Then mix it all together. Add anything else you think would make it more delicious! 

Now you have an easy and nutritious appetizer or meal topping that I literally have been eating on top of everything the past week. I love sneaking in greens in any way possible and this is just one of the most delicious in my opinion.


Happy Cooking or really Chopping!


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Destiny Lopez

So delicious! I can’t wait to try it!

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