Juliane Miklos

 I'm Juliane, the spirit behind the Garden Jules. Born and raised in South Florida, I'm a self-titled baby Herbalist. My herbal journey began a few summers ago at Medicina Tropical, under the guidance of Julia Onnie-Hay, Paula Diaz, and Monique Moyer. It was there, that I fell in love with tropical plants and the medicines we can all make from them. I continued my studies with Julia Onnie-Hay through her Magic City Herbalist course and with the Holistic School of Living's, Roots of Herbalism and Family Herbalist Course. I'm currently enrolled in the Community Herbalist Course, studying with Emily Ruff through the Florida School of Holistic Living. Throughout my studies, I've tended and grown herbal gardens, which have been my greatest teachers. There's nothing better to me than communing with the plant spirits, hands deep in the earth. Through the Garden Jules, I hope to share my enthusiasm of the plants, to inspire you to start growing your own herbal oasis and to start making your own herbal medicines!