2020 Herbal Conference Decompression

Hello to all you beautiful souls, 

Jules here, with so much to share! I'm still in the midsts of unpacking from camping this weekend at the Florida Herbal Conference where I had the opportunity to showcase medicine along side my fellow Community Herbalists Class Members and it was such a beautiful experience. I'm adding in links to websites for all the things I'm going to write about so if you have any questions you can easily delve more into these things & as always feel free to comment questions. 

An array of medicine from my fellow Community Class Members! 

This blog post will be quite rambling as I will just be unpacking how I FEEL after this weekend instead of sharing any recipes. I didn't spend that much time in class learning this weekend, instead of held space for myself to heal and to connect with the fellow humans, plants and animals spirits all around in the sacred green space the conference takes place on. It actually might be my favorite conference yet, I've attended for the the last three years starting in 2018. 

Sharing my medicines with the herbal community was such a gift and it resonated so deeply with how I communicate my spirit as the healer I am. I'm a joyous bubble of light that often dances, sings and skips around and the medicine I make embodies this light and shares it with the world in a tangible way.


Seeing the reaction my light has upon others is a gift; it's one of the best feelings I've felt throughout my 27 years. 

On a deeper level, I experienced such stillness and grace this years conference that I think comes from the vulnerablity I had from sharing my light and from the beauty of the conference key note speakers, teachers, and facilitators. Doug Elliot and B Anderson are amazing healers who spread beauty and light through embodying exactly who they authentically are. Highly recommend any and all workshops, classes, teachings or any other endeavors both of these humans facilitate! 

 I could say so much more, but I'll just keep it short and sweet and say a big THANK YOU to all I connected and shared space with this past weekend, to all those who supported The Garden Jules, and to all those who held space for healing. I feel that this weekend was truly transformational for so many communities in Florida and in the world! 

with so much love & gratitude, Jules 

P.S. Other things on my mind:

If you don't know about Rebecca Altman, she is an amazing herbalist who sends out an awesome weekly newsletter that I highly recommend! Sign up via a link on her instagram: Wonder.Botanica

I was listening to Rebecca talk with Katja and Ryn from the CommonWealth Center on The Holistic Herbalism Podcast while writing this blog and wanted to share it because it's a good one! 

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