Howling at the Moon

Happy Full Moon in Cancer or Wolf Moon as some call it,

Dang this Moon cycle has been a heavy one, rich with some beautiful insights. Self care has been my biggest ally these past few weeks, as I've cared for myself both in tried and true ways and in some new (to me) healing ways. It has been such a gloriously giving and receiving four weeks, I feel as if I've become a better listener both to my own body, heart, intuition and to the souls around me who I care about so deeply for. 

A dear friend gave me one of the greatest compliments this evening, calling me an inspirational listener. It gave me goosebumps to hear. I believe that's what makes the most gifted of healers, one who can sit and listen, to create space to hear what someone, some plant, some living being has to say is powerful medicine. I hope I can only live up to the compliment and grow this most plentiful skill. 

Most recently, I've been practicing listening to my body and soul, healing so many different aspects of my being. Creating space in my home and heart, to welcome in the newness of this decade. With this clarity, I can become a better vessel for change, change for my family, my friends, my community. 

One big change I practiced this moon cycle from the last full moon in Gemini to this full moon in Cancer was celibacy. 2019 was a crazy busy year, full of extreme growth for myself and those around me, but I felt as if it took a lot out of me. I wanted to end the year by focusing on me, putting my energy back into me instead of giving it away so freely. So much beauty and clarity has come from celibacy. By not giving away my sexual energy, I've been able to channel it in so many other ways. I've been creating so much food and medicine, creating community gatherings for plant folk to come together, creating space in my home and heart. 

By creating space in my home, in my womb, I've been able to love and care for myself in even grander ways. The more energy I give to myself to more is returned to the world, I believe this so fully. A few of the medicines I've used to care for myself, which I come back to time and time again, have been herbal bathes, herbal body oiling, & herbal infusions. A few new healing practices I've called into my life during this moon cycle have been yoni steaming, chakra healing, & moxibustion. So much could be said about all of these herbal healing practices. I will most definitely be sharing more about each one in future posts, but for now I'll just leave you with an image from last nights herbal soak under the light of this Cancer Full Moon. 


I believe healing yourself first, pausing to listen to your body, & then caring for it in the ways you feel would most benefit, will collectively do the most impactful healing for our communities and beautiful Mother Gaia.

Cheers to inspiring you to luxuriate on your own beautiful selves this full moon babes! 

Green Tidings,



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