Mother Earth Miami Spring CSH

Happy Monday Lovelies!!

If you haven't yet been or heard of Mother Earth Miami in Lil Haiti at Earth N' Us Farm, you should go check them out! Gabi and Katia are amazing farmers, teachers, medicine makers, herbalists, friends, and humans. They own a medicinal plant nursery, meaning they specialize in plants that can be food but are more well known for their medicinal properties like Rue or Oregano or Yarrow. They also have a crazy amount of really interesting tropical plants, some that I had never heard of until I visited their nursery! It's a veritable candy land for plant lovers. 

This spot is so worth a visit, you'll want to go 100 times again. You can also visit Gabi and Katia at the Legion's Park Farmers Market Saturdays from 9am to 2pm. They bring plants to the market, as well as herbal infused products and dried and fresh plants grown at Mother Earth. I just went to visit them at the market this past Saturday and it was a blast!

The reason I'm specifically sharing about Mother Earth Miami today is that the sign up for their Spring CSH share is available now and closes in two weeks on Monday March 18th! What does CSH stand for you ask? Community Supported Herbalism, similar to a farmer's CSA, Mother Earth's CSH allows them to share with you the seasonal bounty of herbal medicines. Read more about Mother Earth's CSH and take in all the beauty they have to offer. The pickup date for the CSH is on Saturday March 23rd and should be one to celebrate all of Spring's bountiful herbalicious beauty!

I've been a part of the CSH since the beginning and couldn't recommend it more if I tried. Hope to see you around at Mother Earth soon!




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