The Herbal Handbook for Homesteaders

Thanks to @eufloria.healing for this 7 day book share challenge! I’m supposed to have no explanations, no reviews, just the covers but that’s impossible for me to do, especially when Abby Artemisia has written both such a visually stunning and beautifully informative book thanks @thewanderschool this book just came out in December so if you haven’t heard about it, go out and get yourself one! The Herbal Handbook looks pretty amazing in front of my really wild patch of sweet potatoes, ashwagandha, goldenrod, and lemongrass, which is tropical homesteading at its finest in my opinion ✌️I challenge @rachelmariegeo to keep this 7 book cover challenge going. I just want to see what you’re inspired by Rachel! If you don’t know, Rachel is one of the most amazing humans who makes me a stronger, kinder, smarter and more empathetic human by just being in her presence ❤️😘

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