Baby Soothing Bath Blend

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Herbal baths are one of my favorite forms of medicine. I regularly take baths. They help me relax, ease any sore muscles, care for any bruises, cuts, or rashes on my body. This Baby Soothing Bath Blend was formulated for the fussiest of humans, new born babes! Safe enough for even the most sensitive of folxs, it's a nourishing and soothing blend of Whole Oats, Powdered Oats, Locally Miami grown Lavender, homegrown powdered Moringa, Lippia Alba & Biden's Alba Leaves.  

Ingredients: Organic Whole & Powdered Oats (Avena Sativa), Lavender Flowers (Lavandula Angustifolia), Powdered Moringa (Moringa Oleifera), Powdered Lippia Alba (Lippia Alba), & Biden's Alba (Biden's Alba). 

I love to start a bath and then place a handful or big spoonful of the Bath Blend into the bathtub while it fills, that way the herbs have time to soak in the hot water before I soak myself! 

Each Bath Blend sold in a 8oz glass jar made in the USA.