Green Cheese Please

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Green Cheese please is a 'salty' saltless food topping I sprinkle on food once it's done cooking to add an extra punch of vitamins and minerals to my diet. It's a blend of Homegrown Moringa, Biden's Alba & Noni, organic Nutritional Yeast and wildcrafted Pacific Dulse. 

Moringa, often called the Tree of Life, is ultra rich in vitamins and minerals. The flavor is slightly peppery, combined with the dehydrated Noni and Nutritional Yeast which have a salty and umami flavor make this Green Cheese my go to herbal sprinkle! 

Ingredients: Moringa (Moringa Oleifera), Noni Fruit (Morinda Citrifolia), Nutritional Yeast (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae), Biden's Alba (Biden's Alba) and Wildcrafted Dulse Seaweed (Palmaria Palmata).

This is a dehydrated blend of all the amazing green plants I love. It adds a salty umami flavor to food. 

4 oz glass jar made in the USA 

All plant ingredients naturally homegrown or ethically wildcrafted. 

Instructions for use: Sprinkle the blend on food after cooking for the most nutritional content. It's great on top of anything savory. I love putting it on top of popcorn, roasted veggies or mushrooms, or on top of savory grain bowls.