Lemongrass Love

I really can't express how much love and appreciation I have for this magical plant! If you live in South Florida you should already be growing it. If you want some seeds, you're more than welcome over anytime. I feel as if I've been cutting back the seeds from my four full grown Lemongrass bushes for the past six months. These grasses sure do know how to wind pollinate down here in South Florida, let me tell ya! Lemongrass is so easy to grow and low-maintenance. Once established, you don't have to do a thing, except marvel at her lemony smell.

I love making lemongrass hydrosol, a magical spray that instantly brightens my day. I use the hydrosol to repels mosquitoes, re-energize my day and hydrate my skin. Lemongrass makes the perfect spray and plant for South Florida and more people need to grow her! Come out and learn more about Lemongrass on March 9th at Grandview Public Market  at 11am! I may even bring some seeds ;)

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Suzanne Woodie

I think there might be a typo on the date of your lemongrass class. I loved your talk on Turmeric yesterday (March 9th) Thanks for all of the Turmeric inspiration! Can’t wait to read all of the wisdom you have to share on your website!

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